Customer Projects

Every once in a while a customer will send me a photo of a project they made with my yarn.  I absolutely love this!  I love to see what people make with my yarns!  I just recently had two different customers send me project photos, and I thought I’d share them with you.

First is a pair of fingerless mitts made by Pam:


They look wonderful, and totally perfect for autumn!  Pam has a shop on Etsy called Humanity Knits, where she sells beautiful hand knit accessories, and she donates 5% of sales to animal rescue organizations.  If you’d like to purchase these fingerless mitts, they are available in her shop.

Next is a vest by Debby:


The vest is absolutely lovely!  The colors look great on her, and I really like how the yarn striped differently on each side of the front.  And it’s paired with a perfectly matching outfit too!

So, thank you to both Pam and Debby for sharing your projects with me!  If anyone else out there is knitting, crocheting, or making a project with Valentine Arts yarns, I would love to see what you’ve made!  You can contact me through My Shop, or on Ravelry where I’m ValentineArts.


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