Works in Progress and a Shop Update

Hello everyone!

I don’t have any finished objects to share with you this week, so I’ll start with my works in progress.

Works in Progress:

I decided to rip my Wingfeathers Shawl back and fix the mistake I was talking about last week.  I then re-crocheted what I ripped out plus a little more:


The little orange stitch marker in the middle is where the mistake was.  I’m pretty close to being done with this color yarn, and then I think I’ll add a muted pink border with some yarn left over from another project.

My second work in progress is actually one I started about a year ago.  It’s Ingenue by Wendy Bernard.


I set it aside after I started the first sleeve because the double pointed needles where annoying me.  This week I finally looked up how to do magic loop knitting, and I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner!  Magic loop is so much easier than double pointed needles for sweater sleeves.  I look forward to trying magic loop to knit socks.  In fact I just ordered some circular needles for this purpose.

I worked very little this week on my granny square blanket, so I won’t bother showing you a picture.


I finally photographed the black and light gray alpaca yarn I finished a couple of weeks ago.


I ended up with two skeins totaling about 755 yards of sport weight yarn.  I love alpaca, and this yarn is so soft!  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll list it in my shop or keep it for myself.

I also finished spinning the swampy green wool I was working on this week.  I’ll talk about that more in the shop updates section below.

Crafty Purchases:

I have one purchase to share with you this week.  One of the podcasts I watch recommended the shop Hobbledehoy.  The fiber looked really nice, so I ordered some.


These are called “battlings”, which are mini batts of superfine merino wool and silk.  I bought 4 oz in the colorway Dystopia.  They are adorable, so soft, and a pleasure to spin!  I’m not sure how often I’ll order from this shop though, since it is fairly pricey.

Shop Updates:

I added a few items to my shop today.  First is two skeins of “Alec” Handspun Yarn.


This yarn is 100% wool, hand dyed and handspun.  It is about a DK weight.  I named the colorway “Alec” after the comic book character Swamp Thing, whose real name is Alec Holland.

I also added some hand knit cotton dishcloths to my shop in green, pink, and this color:


They are great as dishcloths, washcloths, or just cleaning cloths.  And they can be machine washed and dried, so they are reusable and eco-friendly.

That’s all for this week!  Until next time, happy crafting!


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